The Heart is relieved when we think well of others.

It is impossible to feel happier and more relieved than when one thinks positively about others. It shields one from the dangers of worrying thoughts that disrupt his or her peace of mind and cause the body to become exhausted.

It is impossible to feel happier and more relieved than when one thinks positively about others. It shields one from the dangers of worrying thoughts that disrupt his or her peace of mind and cause the body to become exhausted. Individuals in a community benefit from thinking positively about one another because it helps them maintain a healthy heart, deepens their bonds of friendship and love, and frees their hearts from hate and rancor. “Beware of assumptions, for assumption is the falsest of speech, and do not be inquisitive, and do not spy on one another, and do not compete with one another, and do not envy one another, and do not hate one another, and do not shun one another; be fellow-brothers and slaves of Allah,” the Prophet advised. It is possible that if only the members of the Muslim community adhered to this magnificent conduct, their adversaries would never dare to attack them and their renowned strategy of “divide and rule” would never work since the hearts are unified and the souls are purified.

Methods for Having a Positive View on Others
There are many methods for a Muslim to be considerate of others, some of them are as follows:
1- Supplication Supplicating to Allah is the first step. Each and every good thing comes into the world via the Almighty. To get a sound heart, the Prophet (a.s.) would pray to his Lord, who would grant him his request.
2- Placing Oneself in the Situation of Others
The fact that we individually put ourselves in the shoes of our brother when the latter does or says anything will assist him to think positively of others. When Allah The Almighty says: , He leads His servants to this meaning. [p: 12] [pt: 12] [pt: 12]
In other words, why did not the believing men and believing women think well of one another when they heard it [the slander against ‘Ai’shah, may Allah be pleased with her]?
[Surah 24:12] [Quran] The believers are made to feel as if they are a single entity by Allah The Almighty in another verse, to the point that when one of them sees his brother and welcomes him, it is as if the believer is welcoming himself in another verse. According to Allah, the Almighty, If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. [: 61] [: 61] [: 61] [: 61] [: 61] [: 61] [: 61]
A possible interpretation of the message is as follows:…But when you enter homes, welcome people with greetings of peace upon yourself, as if they were greetings from Allah.
[Surah 24:61] [Quran]
3- Providing the best possible interpretation of the words of others is essential.
This had been the custom of the virtuous ancestors.
“Do not be critical of a word that your believing brother utters as long as it may be understood in a positive way,” Umar said.
During one of Imam Ash-illnesses, Shafi‘i’s several of his brothers visited him, and one of them remarked, “May Allah strengthen your weakness [he meant to supplicate to Allah in order to remove his weakness].”
In the words of Ash-Shafi‘i, “If Allah increases my weakness, it will kill me! “
In response, the guy said, “By Allah, I meant nothing but good.”
The response from Ash-Shafi‘i was, “Even though you offended me, I know that you were seeking kindness.”
True brotherhood is characterized by the ability to think positively about people, even when the situation cannot be viewed positively.
Making Excuses for Others is a fourth offense.
As soon as someone says or does anything that one finds irritating or upsetting, one should attempt to find explanations for him and remember the position of the righteous, who used to think highly of their fellows and make allowances for them. They would tell you, “You should create seventy excuses for your brother,” or something like. In the words of Ibn Seereen, “If you come to know that one of your brothers has injured you by word or action, you should find an explanation for him; if you are unable to do so, you should reply, “There may be an excuse that I am not aware of.” When you do all in your power to create excuses for the words and actions of others, you will spare yourself the bother of accepting responsibility and you will avoid criticizing your fellow citizens unduly.
5- Refraining from passing judgment on the intentions of others
This is one of the most important factors that contribute to having a positive attitude toward people. As far as intentions are concerned, one should leave them to the only One who knows them: Allah The Almighty, since He did not order us to examine one other’s hearts or intentions, and as a result, we should avoid harboring ill-will against others.
Remembering the Negative Consequences of Bad Assumptions
The person who harbors negative feelings against others is doomed to a life of constant difficulty and sorrow, not to mention the fact that he loses all of his friends and family members, even those who are closest to him. It is normal for individuals to make errors, even if they do so inadvertently. One of the negative effects of thinking badly of others is the tendency to accuse others while simultaneously thinking good of oneself. This is one manner in which a person may be found guilty of ascribing purity to oneself, which Allah The Exalted prohibited in His Book of Laws and Prophets. As Allah (the Almighty) has stated: [00:32] [00:32] The following is an interpretation of the passage:…So do not declare yourself to be clean; He is most aware of those who fear Him. [Surah 53:32] [Quran]
In another passage, Allah The Exalted condemns the Jews for ascribing purity to themselves, which is against the law. Islam’s Supreme Law states that Allah the Almighty is the source of all knowledge. [ 00:49 ] [ 00:49 ] [ 00:49 ] [ 00:49 ] The following is an interpretation of the meaning: Have you not come across people who proclaim themselves to be pure? As a result, Allah cleanses whoever He wills, and no injustice is done to them, not even in the smallest of amounts [such as a thread [within a date seed]]. In the Quran, verse 449 says:
Thinking good of others requires considerable training and struggle against one’s own nature, especially since the devil is inextricably linked to man’s being, much like the blood that flows through his veins. A constant source of division among Muslims, he never relents in his efforts to instigate disagreements among them. One of the most effective ways to block this path before the devil is to think positively about people. We pray to Allah, the Almighty, to grant us sound hearts and to assist us in thinking positively about our brothers and sisters in need.

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