Asceticism is practiced all throughout the globe.

How many individuals are running for the world because of fear that they will miss out on its benefits, and how many people are constantly late to do the five compulsory Salah, which are the primary pillar of religious practice?

We pray to Allah for assistance and forgiveness, and we seek shelter in Him from the ills that we have brought upon ourselves and from our terrible actions. Praise be to Allah. No one can mislead those whom Allah leads, and no one can guide those who have gone astray. ‘I witness that there is no God but Allah alone, and that there is no partner with Him.’ ‘I testify that Muhammad is His Servant and Messenger (peace be upon him), and that those who followed him in righteousness are descended from Muhammad’s family, Companions, and other virtuous people.’ Straight to the point:

In his Sahih, Al Bukhari recounted from Ibrahim ibn Abdur-Rahman ibn Awf that once a meal was given to ‘Abdul-Rahman ibn ‘Auf when he was fasting. It was he who stated, “His name was Mus‘ab ibn Umair, and he was martyred. He was wrapped in his Burd, and when his head was covered with it, his legs were exposed, and when his legs were covered, his head was exposed again. Hamzah was martyred and was much superior than me. Now that we have been blessed with material riches, we must use it wisely (or said a similar thing). Without a doubt, I am concerned that the rewards for my actions may have been distributed earlier in this world.” Then he broke down and walked away from his meal.

When Khabbab ibn Al Arat (may Allah be pleased with him) was quoted as saying: “We emigrated with the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Allah’s cause, and thus our recompense was certainly incumbent on Allah,” Al Bukhari and Muslim stated. Some of us died and did not get anything from their awards in this world, and Mus‘ab ibn Umair was one of those who did not receive anything from their rewards in this world. The others, on the other hand, received their prizes. Mus‘ab ibn Umair was slain on the day of the Battle of Uhud, and we were unable to bury him since we did not have anything other than his Burd. As a result, when we covered his head, his feet were exposed, and vice versa. As a result, the Prophet (peace be upon him) instructed us to just cover his head and to place idhkhir (a kind of plant) over his feet.

Oh you Allah’s servants, consider our living circumstances and the types of foods we consume, as well as the types of foods that are brought in from all over the globe, some of which we do not recognize!

It’s amazing how nice our clothing are. How nice are the ships on which we travel? What a plethora of mansions we live in! How many beautiful pieces of furniture do we have to sit on? How many comfortable couches, sofas, and armchairs are there for us to sit and relax in? What a waste of money we are! Consider what we have prepared for the second life, and then consider what we have prepared for the second life.

The benefits and blessings that were bestowed upon the Companions, whom we previously mentioned, are insufficient in comparison to what we have been given, but what they have done for the second life is much more than what we have done, assuming that we have done anything at all. Despite this, they were concerned that their good actions would be appreciated in this world, but that they would not be rewarded in the Hereafter for their efforts. As a result, you discover that some of them have cried till they have given up on eating after a lengthy day of fasting. They found a way to blend the excellence of their labor with the dread of Allah and self-reckoning. As for us, we chose a combination of evil actions and defiance against Allah. We take advantage of Allah’s blessings, enjoy them, and then defy Him by committing sins as if we do not understand what He is saying: “We then opened the gates of every (pleasant) thing for them, until they became so engrossed in what they had been given that We suddenly took them away (as a punishment), and lo! They were taken away! They were thrown into the abyss, their hearts heavy with regret and grief.”

How many individuals are running towards the world out of concern that they will miss out on its benefits, and they are constantly late to do the five compulsory Salah in congregation, which are the primary pillar of religion. You see people sitting for extended periods of time in streets and stores, and they may be subjected to the most severe temperatures on the planet, yet they are unable to wait even a few minutes to do Salah in congregation or to recite the Qur’an in its entirety. We observe how many young Muslims rush to soccer stadiums and pay money to obtain tickets, forming large crowds that are likely to stand for extended periods of time while the game is being played and their voices are silenced. Instead of performing Salah in congregation, they turn away as if the muezzin is calling them to punishment or to prison. They do this for the sole purpose of pleasure and amusement alone.” And when it is told to them: “Bow down yourself (in prayer)!” they respond positively. They do not bowed their heads (offer not their prayers). “Woe to those who deny (the Day of Resurrection) on that Day!” They will be asked to prostrate themselves (to Allah) on the Day when the Shin will be laid naked (i.e., the Day of Resurrection), but they will not be able to do so because they (hypocrites, and those who pray to show off or earn good repute) will not be able to. When they used to be summoned (for prayer in the mosque) to prostrate themselves (give prayers) when they were healthy and good (in the life of the world, but they did not come to the mosque), their eyes will be turned down, and they will be shrouded in ignominy.”

Many people have learned to be patient in order to endure the difficulties of this life, yet they are unable to resist even the most little difficulty of devotion to Allah. The majority of people are not content with the allowed things in life and are looking for the illegal as well. As a result, they engage in forbidden transactions and ill-gotten money such as usury, corruption, and deception in the sale and purchase of goods and services. Furthermore, they transgress and falsely accuse others of stealing their money without their permission, all the while listening to Allah’s saying: “O you who have faith! If you are (really) believers, you should be frightened of Allah and pay up what is still owed to you from Riba (interest) (from now on).” “O ye who have faith! Eat up your possessions between yourself unfairly unless it is a transaction amongst you that has been agreed upon by mutual agreement. And just don’t murder yourself (nor kill one another). Allah is, without a doubt, Most Merciful to you.” “Those who buy a little gain at the expense of Allah’s Covenant and their vows will have no share in the Hereafter, believe it or not (Paradise). They will not be spoken to by Allah, nor will He glance at them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He cleanse them, and they will be subjected to excruciating agony.” The love of the world has taken over the hearts of the people, and they have come to prefer the world over the Hereafter. When they remember to perform Salah, they do it alone or at a later time than the prescribed time. Even when performing Salah, they are distracted by the world, thinking about their monetary and business affairs, and they are unable to complete it. Others have fallen in love with the world to the point that they have become misers, even to the point of refusing to pay the required charity (Zakah), which is a cornerstone of Islam.

O Allah’s people, you will be held accountable for the legal things you enjoy in this world, and you will be punished for the unlawful activities you engage in. It will be condemned to extinction, and only those who have lost their wits will be interested in participating. So, you will be gone without a trace, and how many people have abandoned their loved ones, their families, and their friends? The journeys to the Hereafter are frequent ones, and they involve individuals and groups, parents and children, kings and servants, rich and poor, believers and non-believers, the pious and the lewd, all of whom will bid farewell to this world, move to the Hereafter, and be buried in dark graves awaiting the resurrection.

Who amongst you, O slaves of Allah, could think of preferring this life over the Hereafter? How may our possessions and children divert our attention away from Allah’s recollection?

O man, regardless of the riches you have accumulated and the life you have led, you are dead, and your possessions will be disposed of, leaving only your actions as a legacy for your descendants to inherit. You came out of your mother’s womb with nothing, and you will go to the grave with nothing except the actions that you have done “And indeed, you have come to Us alone (without riches, companions, or anything else), just as We created you when We formed you for the first time in the beginning. Your departure has resulted in the loss of all that We had bestowed upon you. We do not see any of your intercessors, whom you claimed to be partners with Allah, while we are among you. All ties between you and them have now been severed, and all that you used to be able to claim has been taken away from you. ” You went through the world on your route to the Hereafter, and you had the opportunity to bring your provision with you to the Hereafter as well. “And take a provision (with you) for the trip, but the greatest provision is At-Taqwa (piety, righteousness),” Allah says. “You are like a traveler who passed by a market on his way to purchase provisions for his journey, thus you have nothing except what you have gathered in the world.”

May Allah elevate you and me to the ranks of those who gain from recollection, and may we repent when we commit transgressions. As a final prayer, we say, “All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.”